Steps in Extended Essay Writing

Getting started with extended essay is a challenge for everyone. Maybe you have never written anything like these before so you find yourself staring at that blank paper and wondering how you could start. Also, maybe you see this as an extra requirement that takes time because you have to research, planning and writing.

Guidelines in Making Extended Essay

  • First, you must need to decide your subject that you will be going to use in your extended essay. It is advisable that you decide your subject of interest. For instance, are you interested in History that focus on cold war? Would you like to have English as your subject that focus on Prejudice and Pride? After choosing your topic it is time that you research. Gather relevant resources that will help you even if it’s just one sentence.
  • You can now make some questions that you want to give answers to in your EE. This is the reason that you need to carefully select the topic of choice so making questions would not be hard for you. Planning is also important such as deciding whether you need diagrams or not, deciding what sub-topics you will have and also gathering resources.
  • Just like any other requirements, drafting is included wherein it is about making a draft of your introduction, background, and body. It is about re-reading and editing your extended essay and improving your EE. Finally, it is time for submission.
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