Writing a Personal Statement in Singapore Help

Why Are You Writing a Personal Statement in SG?

When applying to college or university you will be required to provide a host of documentation to support your application. They will be looking to recruit the best people for their course and your personal statement is a vital part of their decision-making process. The admissions committee will want to know far more than simply what grades you have achieved and this is where your personal statement comes in.

Writing a personal statement allows them to find out far more about you as a person. Well written it can provide the reader with an insight into who you are and where you are going in the future. Often it can be the deciding factor in your selection, especially if others have similar grades to you. That is why you should consider using dissertation help Singapore.

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How Should Your Singapore Personal Statement Be Outlined?

A personal statement is usually around a page in length, around 500 words. However, this can vary depending on where you are applying and the process you are applying through. So always carefully check the specific expectations of the program you are applying to.

Typically your personal statement will follow a structure similar to this:

  • Introduction: explain why you are applying to this specific field of study.
  • Main body: explain what you are bringing to the program in the way of skills and other qualities and what you hope to get from it.
  • Conclusion: explain where you hope you are going in the short and long-term for further education and your career.

12 Things to Put in Your SG Personal Statement

If you are going to write an excellent personal statement then you must consider the things that you need to cover within it. The admissions committee will be looking to find out as much about you as possible through your statement to see if you are a good fit. Remember that you can always use our Singapore thesis writing service for an extra help.

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They will want to see that not only are you going to be able to cope with the academic side of their program they want to know if you will be a good fit personally. They will be looking to understand what motivates you to study in your chosen field and what your long-term goals are beyond your education. They will also want to know just what you are hoping to take from their program and also what you have to offer them. The more specific and personalized your statement is the more chance you will have of being accepted for a place.

The following are a dozen areas that you should cover:

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