Everything You Need to Know about Nus PhD Thesis in Singapore

nus thesis writing helpThe National University of Singapore, which is commonly known as NUS, is one of the most renowned universities in the country. The University offers degrees in various undergraduate and graduate programs. A thesis is a compulsory requirement for the completion for the graduate and post-graduate programs. Many students look for Singapore thesis writing service to help them with their writing. Here we are discussing some general guidelines about writing your thesis.

Why It Could Be a Challenge to Write a Good NUS Thesis?

When it comes to NUS thesis preparation, it is a great challenge for the students. There are many things, which students find quite difficult about thesis writing:

  • According to the university guidelines, the master’s thesis and particularly NUS PhD thesis should not be just the collection of existing material. But it should be a significant addition in the knowledge depending upon the subject. This makes NUS thesis writing a challenge.
  • The thesis should be written in English, only students studying other languages, like Chinese and Malaya, can write their thesis in the respective language. This make thesis writing a challenge for those who lack English writing skills.
  • Another challenging factor is a lot of formatting details. There are a lot of guidelines given on the NUS website for the thesis, including Honours thesis NUS. These are not easy to fulfill, and students get confused about them.

Requirements for National University of Honours Thesis NUS

You can see a thesis NUS library thesis sample to understand the formatting requirements. Here we are discussing some general requirements, which are the same for all departments. Students can ask their supervisor, if there are some specific requirements for their department.

Word limit
For the master’s level the word limit is 40,000 words, but if a student is writing in Chinese, his limit will be 180,000 characters. Similarly, for PhD students word limit in English is 80,000 words but for the Chinese language its 250,000 characters.
Page size
The size should be standard A4. The color of paper should be white, and color of font will be black.
On the left and right margins should be 1 ½ inches, while for top and bottom, they should be 1 inch.
The style of the font should be Times New Roman or Helvetica. The size of the font should be 11 to 12. Font size and font type should be the same throughout the thesis.
Line spacing
The standard line space is double, throughout the thesis but captions of figures and tables, should be single spaced. Similarly, footnotes should also be single – spaced.
Page number
Page number should appear on all the pages, except the title page only. It should be in the bottom center of the page for the entire thesis. The body of the thesis should be numbered with Arabic numerals, while the introductory pages should have roman numerals on them.
They should not be at the end of the chapter, but at the bottom of every page is preferred.
Printing of the thesis will be on both sides of the page.

These are the general formatting requirements for the thesis writing. Many of them are the same for the NUS psychology honours thesis.

Tips for NUS Thesis Writing

  • When you start with NUS PhD dissertation or an NTU thesis writing, it’s better to start from methodology chapter first. You can also write results chapter in the beginning, it will help you to write an introduction and discussion chapter in a more appropriate way.
  • When you are doing research keep the record of all the findings and keep updating your results chapter.
  • When you are writing focus on that, it will help you to write properly.
  • Plan your thesis carefully. Discuss the structure with your supervisor before writing.
  • Be prepared that you have to write many drafts before the final one.
  • Discuss the style of references with your supervisor and record all the reference right from the beginning.
  • Be careful, when you are quoting from the other sources.
  • Your results should be in accordance with your hypothesis.
  • Make sure you edit and proofread your thesis many times.
  • Give particular attention to grammar, sentence structure and spellings.

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