How to Write a Personal Recount Essay

A personal recount essays is about personal experience that you will write a particular incident that you encounter in your life.  You have the right to say whatever you want, however, it should have the logical flow and proper sequence.

Composing a Good Personal Recount Essay

  • Having a personal essay will give you endless opportunities to write about what you want. Getting started is a bit difficult because you need to be settled on what topic you would write. Make a list, brainstorm and free-write. In other words, you need to generate more materials in order for you to begin; then, you can already shape, edit or revise your work.
  • Also, you need to always bear in your mind that your purpose is writing wherein you should have the proper impressions and ideas to convey your message. You need also to provide and emphasize some traits. Provide accurate details that will satisfy your purpose. In addition, it is essential that you have the proper organizing for your personal recount essay.
  • Make sure that they are properly united by all narrative lines. Be sure also to consider revising your work in a way that your experience is precise drawn. Write a personal recount essay that is emotionally and intellectually inviting. Lastly, do not forget to edit your essay, cut unnecessary adverbs and adjectives. Provide information that your readers would like to read and use language that full of words. Bingo! You have your own essay!

Personal Recount Essay in Singapore

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