How to Write a Personal Recount in Singapore

What Is a Singapore Personal Recount Essay?

Recount writing is done to give you an opportunity to write about something that has happened to you in the past. Often personal recount will ask you to look back at anything from what you did over the summer through to selecting an experience that changed you in a positive way.

The typical structure of a personal recount will start with an introduction that will tell the reader what the event was that you will talk about and why. The main body will then detail out the actual event. Depending on the style of the essay and what you are expected to show the main body may be purely descriptive in nature describing how the event made you feel, what you saw, heard, or tasted etc. Alternatively, it could be purely reflective discussing your feelings and how you have been changed; so always take care to read your prompt and what is expected of you. The conclusion as with most essays will summarize what you have said within your main body and relate it back to your opening statements. If you’re struggling to write an essay on your own, feel free to get help from our dissertation writing services Singapore.

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Composing a Good Singapore Personal Recount Essay

  • Having a personal essay will give you endless opportunities to write about what you want. Getting started is a bit difficult because you need to be settled on what topic you would write. Make a list, brainstorm, and free-write. In other words, you need to generate more materials in order for you to begin; then, you can already shape, edit or revise your work.
  • Also, you need to always bear in your mind that your purpose is writing wherein you should have the proper impressions and ideas to convey your message. You need also to provide and emphasize some traits. Provide accurate details that will satisfy your purpose. In addition, it is essential that you have the proper organizing for your essay.
  • Make sure that they are properly united by all narrative lines. Be sure also to consider revising your work in a way that your experience is precisely drawn. Write a personal recount that is emotionally and intellectually inviting. Lastly, do not forget to edit your essay, cut unnecessary adverbs and adjectives. Provide information that your readers would like to read and use language that full of words. Bingo! You have your own essay!

How to Write a SG Personal Recount Essay

Personal recount writing does not have to be overly difficult if you follow our guidelines for writing:

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