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Writing a Management Personal Statement in Singapore

Management universities get you ready to be an organized and prepared professional, and if becoming a high level manager is on your radar then you may want to consider one of these schools. A great management program can set you up with a very long and prosperous career, but if you want to have the best chances then you need an excellent application. The personal statement for management, as well as Singapore technological universities personal statement, is a part of the application a Singapore management university wants to see, but if you don’t know what to write for this then you could be in trouble!

The Application Process of SMU in Singapore

Applying to the Singapore Management University is not so complex task. You have to follow these steps and meet the certain criteria to do so.

  1. The minimum requirements of education for admission in Singapore management university is of 12 years. You need to secure the good grades in the 12 years of education to apply.
  2. Passing the SAT exam is another requirement to make the process successful. Make sure that you’ve secured the required marks in it.
  3. After submitting the documents and receipt of SAT, you are also required to be prepared for the interview. The writing tests and Law interviews are conducted to find more potential in the candidates for a transparent selection.

What to Add in Management Personal Statement Singapore?

The personal statement allows you to discuss the skills, education and other accomplishments to impress the selection team. Try to make the P.S concise but include the most feasible info in it. Give a brief introduction and then discuss the personal achievements that can help you out in getting selected. You need to pay more attention to the writing style to avoid any objection by the admission committee. Your main focus must be on the keeping the length of each section similar. For instance, you are not supposed to write one paragraph for discussing personal skills and a full page regarding the Education. Never miss discussing the certifications. If you’ve got certificates in the related to any other fields, then discuss it by highlighting the content. This will be quite beneficial for you. Another important suggestion is to follow the recent templates.

SMU personal statement sample             SMU personal statement prompt

SMU: Some Helpful Questions and Answers

What is the Admission Criteria?
The students who don’t only have the academic skills but also excel in other fields are preferred by our committee. The evidence of qualities i.e. positive attitude, communication skills, critical thinking, co-curricular records and strong academic backgrounds are likely to get admission in SMU.
Which important dates should I add in my notebook?
You can visit this page to know about all the important dates.
From where I can find the Online Application Form?
This page would give you a direct access to the application form of admission.
I want to cancel the application that I submitted few days ago. How to do this?
In case of withdrawing the submitted application, you will have to send us an email to notify. Send the email at
Do you allow to download the online form for manual submission?
No, the form can only be submitted online. You can neither download it nor send us through the mail.
Is SMU difficult to get into?
No, you can make the way to study in Singapore management university. But the important criteria should be met for it. There was a 49%  acceptance rate in the university as per the stats for 2017. With the average SAT score of 1370, the required average GPA for admission is 3.7 on the 4.0 scale. The required score for ACT test is 29. The applicants are chosen on the merit basis. they’re more flexible than other schools but expects you to meet their requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores.
How do I pay my SMU application fee?
First of all, you need to upload the documents. Then, check out the application info after printing the checklist summary. Change the contact details (if there is any update required). Send the fee of application through online payment. And then, pay the confirmation fee again through the online procedure.
How can I get admission in NUS?
It is required to complete or continue studying in high school, which is equal to the 12 years of qualification. Submit the application till the month of July to apply for any specific program if you are an international applicant seeking admission to NUS. In case of earning from a registered school, you need to apply through IB diploma. If you graduated from NUS High School, send your diploma in that case. Submit your polytechnic diploma if you earned it in Singapore. Apply using A Level results if your country offers them.
What is discretionary admission?
With the minimum level of academic competence, the candidates with outstanding accomplishments or exceptional talents are considered beyond the co-curricular activities for admissions. It is known as discretionary admission. This kind of selection doesn’t require any sort of academic achievements from the applicants. They must have some gifted talent to get selected by the Singapore management university.

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How to Send a Singapore Supporting Documents to SMU?

The submission of documents through personal visit will be added to The Dropbox (8am-9pm daily) is located outside the Office of Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Assistance. However, you can also send the documents through mail on the address given below.

help with personal statement managementOffice of Undergraduate Admissions & Financial Assistance Singapore Management University

Level 3, Administration Building

81 Victoria Street

Singapore 188065

Help with the Personal Statement Management in Singapore

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Example of Management Personal Statement for Singapore Management University

I am an aspiring management professional who wishes to enter the MSc in Communication Management Programme, and gaining admittance into this program is exactly what I need for my career. I have worked hard my entire life so that I could have a successful career; my father always taught me that when you work hard you get rewarded, and I am finding that to be true in my own experiences. I have had teachers tell me that I could not do something, but I have used that to motivate me on my journey to the Management Programme. Becoming a part of this campus and institution would make me happier than anything else, and I am sure that, if given the opportunity, I would work harder than ever. 

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