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ntu thesis writing helpNUT or Nanyang Technology University stands at the number one position in QS world university rankings 2018. It has replaced the NUS, which is in the second position now. The university management works hard to ensure this high ranking and for that, they give particular attention to the thesis and research in their institution. You may find essay writing service Singapore who are helping students to meet the high standards of thesis writing.

Why It Could Be a Challenge to Write a Good NTU Thesis?

As mentioned earlier, NTU is the top university in Asia and it is one of the best universities, around the globe. The university management gives a very tough time to the students when it comes to thesis writing. They have very strict standards as far as NTU thesis writing is concerned. The students are asked to upload the PDF files before the final submission of the thesis to ensure that there is no plagiarism in the content. This makes thesis writing a big challenge, as students do not have great writing and paraphrasing skills. When they quote the material from other sources, they cannot rephrase it properly and get caught in plagiarism. Moreover, formatting requirements are also very tough to fulfill. Standards are even tougher for the thesis PhD NTU.

Requirements for NTU Thesis Format

It’s important to get information about the dissertation NUT writing before you start it. Here are general requirements for that:

Page size
The size of the page should be standard A4 size.
Binding margin
3.7 cm margin should be there for binding on each page.
Order of pages
The thesis should start with the title page, following acknowledgments, table of content and summary. They should be bounded before the actual thesis start.
From the content page, printing should be on both sides of the page, but Title and acknowledgments should be printed on the single side.
Name and title
The name of the author and the title of the thesis, should be in block letters on the cover. Title and author name should also be on the spine of thesis.
The color of bound will be matte dark blue and the lettering will be in gold. But the font should not be more than 16pts.
Page number
All pages must be numbered in Arabic numerals.

You can also find Nayang Technology University thesis sample on the university website. NTU thesis examples can make things clearer for you.

10 Tips for NTU Thesis Writing

If it’an NTU graduation paper of Nayang Technology University, you have to be very careful in writing it. Here are a few tips, which can help you:

  • Develop the structure of the thesis very carefully. Decide the chapters with your supervisor.
  • Give particular attention to plagiarism. Rephrase the material properly and quote the references.
  • Write that chapter on which you are working. It’s not necessary to write in chronological order.
  • Record all the references carefully. All the references which you mention in the text, should be in the bibliography too.
  • It’s better to format the thesis chapter by chapter, as you write it.
  • Write the summary in the end.
  • Statement of originality, supervisor declaration statement and authorship attribution statement should also be included in the thesis.
  • Don’t include unnecessary details in the thesis.
  • Edit it properly, many times.
  • Request a mate to proofread it for you before you submit your thesis.

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